We make brands matter

We are a 3.0 Global Communication Agency specialized in brand consultancy, creative excellence, and activations with more than 20 years of experience. We provide strategic & creative solutions for luxury and mass-market brands, within both local and international markets.

At BIG UP we go beyond communication

We study human behavior and create emotional connections between brands and their audiences as we believe this is the strongest and most effective way to communicate. For each project, we form a team that creates a unique strategy designed to impact the mind, heart, and soul of consumers. It is only when we have this effect on their decisions that the magic happens.


What we do

Brand Consultancy

We are the true believers that in today’s world, only those businesses with a strategic foundation will win. That’s why we made it our mission to create powerful and unique communication strategies that help companies grow & impact the mind, heart and soul of consumers.


The future of advertising is here, and companies have to stand out in order to get noticed. We specialize in designing impactful, targeted campaigns that are relevant to your audience and assist in solving any business issue.

Design & Branding

At Big Up, we embrace creative challenges. Whether the objective is brand architecture, entering a new market, or reaching new audiences — with help of skillful Art Direction, we can guarantee the creative excellence of your project’s execution.

Events & Experiential

In Marketing 4.0, human-to-human communication is about creating memorable experiences. We know how to surround brands with carefully designed ambiance to create an emotional brand-consumer dialogue and build an engagement.

Digital UI/UX

The new Digital Era has pushed companies to adopt digitalization strategies and rapidly go from ‘off to on’, fully embracing best user experience practices and capitalizing on the opportunities online brings to the marketing universe.

Media & Public Relations

We are experts in creating and spreading the opinions by the use of specific communication disciplines, massive and selective, to benefit your company’s public image and reputation. We design exclusive Media & PR plans and precisely follow all the processes.

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