Mobile Messaging, the (re)volution and new face of social media.

Big Up is the answer when it comes to connecting brands and celebrities with their different audiences, through more than 270.000 million messages shared daily all over the world.

Chatbot, a personal and human touch to the conversation between a brand and consumers.

We develop Chatbots in order to increase online sales, optimize customer service and allow a customers & fans segmentation.

Branded Keyboard and iMessage Stickers: Let your style speak for you.

We design emojis and personalized keyboards for your brand, for various messaging applications on iOS and Android.

Opt for a new world of alternatives in the conversational commerce.

A universe of activations that will reinforce the growth of your business and customers’ loyalty.

Create an exclusive Chatbot for your brand!

Get to know your clients better than ever.

Promote your brand.

Improve the brand experience and human relationships with your customers.

Increase sales.

We design iMessage Stickers for brands and celebrities.

Introduce your brand, your products and your personality among users of iMessage that share 200.000 messages every second! A communication revolution.

Become a protagonist of the app with the biggest messaging reach.

We create and publish your personalized stickers to the new iMessage Apple.

Games, gifts and apps to increase the consumer engagement with your brand.

Offering a never seen before shopping experience throughout iMessage app with Apple Pay.

Welcome to the world of emojis. The power of the ‘word of mouth’.

Empower your brand character and become the lead of 6.000 million emojis shared daily.

More than just a smile.

Participate in the conversation of the millions of people, standing out with your brand, your personality and your style.

Use personalized keyboards to launch and promote your products, events and news.

Stimulate the ‘sharing’ factor and get economic benefits.

‘Turnkey’ service to fulfill each one of your business goals.


We identify the most popular messaging platforms in every geographical area, as well as the most appropriate tone of voice for every culture with its traditions.


We identify the emotions, reactions and personality that define a distinctive character of the brand or a celebrity.


Codifying the guidelines for Chatbot capable of entertaining, advising, thrilling, we rely on the best illustrators of an international scene to create unique and unforgettable Stickers and Emojis.


We develop applications compatible with the selected messaging platforms and manage their publishing in the stores dedicated to a brand.


Big Up has all necessary tools for the excellent analysis and monitoring of the campaign implementation, exploitation of project results and management of the ‘push’ notifications.


Finally, we create communication campaigns to ensure effective dissemination of Chatbot and Messaging applications, and to optimize the impact among different targets we want to reach.